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Our Culture

With an employee-friendly work culture, we work together keeping in focus the work of our clients. Our employees learn, enjoy and create innovative ideas that help them grow along with the company. And it’s because of the employees that Revalsys Technologies is the kind of company it is today. The success of our business is basically the success of our people as we make sure to create an environment where all our employees participate and perform at their best.

We strive to maintain an open working environment where we treat each other with the highest degree of trust, integrity, honesty and respect. We motivate our team members in different ways and encourage them to speak up and share their ideas. We always encourage working in a team and open to change as we constantly look for better ideas to deliver value to our clients.

To keep the spirit high, no matter how big or small a success, at Revalsys we make sure to celebrate each with great enthusiasm. Such celebrations are not only celebrations of Revalsys’ success but also the success of the people associated with it. Apart from work, we never lack behind in celebrating festivals and other special occasions. And from time to time, various competitions are also held among our employees so that our employees get refreshed and can create wonderful memories.

Our employees every quarter take up a CSR activity – distribution of clothes in winter, food and goodies to old age homes and orphan homes, collection of articles/food/donation for flood affected people and some more…

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New Year 2018 Celebrations At Revalsys

Life at Revalsys is always interesting as celebrating festivals and special occasions have become a part of Revalsys’ culture.

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Eye Check-up held by Swarup Eye Centre at Revalsys

Eye diseases are common these days and can go unnoticed for a longer period time. Regular eye check-up is vital to detect...

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